STAND OUT! Resume Course

Take Your Resume From Essentially Nothing to Truly STANDING OUT!

“Ryan used his extensive resume knowledge to help me present my work experience and skills in their best light to the employer, which played a key role in getting me the job”

— Michael H.

If you want to land your dream job interview, you have to take your resume from being ‘average’ or ‘really good’ to truly STANDING OUT!

  • 30-40% of resumes are low quality
  • 50-60% of resumes are “really good” 

Neither of those are enough to get your resume to the top of the (very large) pile of other applications. 

Don’t let your resume end up in the middle of the stack or slip through the cracks. Make sure your resume grabs the attention you deserve. In this resume course you will learn how to take a resume from essentially nothing to truly STANDING OUT!

The hard truth is, your resume is your ticket in the door to the job interviews you want. Even if you have all the experience, passion, and drive it takes to succeed at that job, you have to have the kind of resume that will set you apart from the rest.

That’s why I designed this course just for YOU.

It will help you go from:

  • “Hoping and praying” that some notices your application…to the confidence that your application has what it takes, to get that call back
  • Uncertainty about what exactly to put on a resume…to a simple system for creating custom resumes for the jobs you truly want
  • Handing the same generic resume you give everyone…to a knowing exactly how to craft the ideal resume for the specific job you want!
  • Jitters about that first interview…to a straightforward plan for what you’re going to say and how you’re going to show up in order to STAND OUT!

IN JUST ONE COURSE you’ll immediately have what you need to create the kind of resume that’ll result in more interviews, more call backs, and more of the opportunities you want.
This includes….

Your Complete Guide to Make Your Resume STAND OUT

All you need to know to take your resume from essentially nothing to truly STANDING OUT in a step-by-step process

8 Resume Templates

Proven resume templates that will get you started with no hassle.

3 VIP Videos

These supplemental videos are designed to make sure your resume does not fall victim to common resume issues.

Ace Your First Interview Mini-Course

When your amazing resume gets you a first interview, it becomes essential for you to ace the interview. In this short mini-course, you will learn how to ensure you get past this initial screening interview to meet with the real decision makers.

Because I know how much time you put into crafting the resume you need, I kept this course short and to the point so you can get to what’s most important…securing your ideal job interviews.

“Ryan's mentorship on my resume and advice throughout the job seeking process was one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced. Ryan's help stems from a genuine goal of wanting to help others succeed and better themselves and I felt that every step of the way, which motivated me greatly on what is generally viewed as a strenuous and tedious process.”

— Patrick A.

“I approached Ryan to help me update my resume. I expected a quick review and a few comments. I was humbled at the amount of care, detail, and time Ryan invested to help me achieve the most powerful representation of my skills…Ryan is a knowledgeable, intentional, and powerful leader and his influence is invaluable. I am forever grateful for his tremendous support.”

— Jenni B.

And now if you’re wondering how much this kind of expert guidance is going to cost, you can rest easy.

I wanted to make this course as accessible as possible, and that’s why I’m sharing all of this for just $27.

……Are you an organization that would like to have unlimited access for your constituents? The Organization Plan is just for you. With this plan, you will be given lifetime access and permission to share with your employees, students, customers, and colleagues.

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  • Resume Templates
  • ‘How to Ace Your First Interview’ Mini Course
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